Congratulations to the Haug Partners 2016 SuperLawyers®

September 21, 2016

Haug Partners (formerly known as Frommer Lawrence & Haug) congratulates its 18 lawyers who were selected as 2016 SuperLawyers® and Rising Stars.

These talented attorneys range in experience from associates to founding partners. Their dedication to their craft, expertise in the field, and acknowledged success is a testament to the excellent service provided at Haug Partners (formerly FLH).

Angus Chen
Rob Colletti
Porter Fleming
William S. Frommer
Nick Giove
Ed Haug
Rich Kurz
Eugene LeDonne
Jason Lief
Richard Parke
Sandy Kuzmich
Christian Samay
Andrew Wasson
David Zwally

Of Counsel
William F. Lawrence
Charles Raubicheck

Laura Krawczyk
Laura Sarkis